Scleral Contact Lenses

What are Scleral Contact Lenses?

Scleral contact lenses are large gas-permeable or hard contacts that rest on the sclera, which is the white part of your eye. They are specifically for patients with an irregular surface of the eye that cannot be corrected with conventional contact lenses or glasses.

What are the conditions that would benefit from Scleral Contact Lenses?

  • Severe dry eye syndrome
  • Keratoconus
  • Post-RK surgery
  • Corneal ectasia or irregularity from LASIK surgery
  • Scarred or irregular corneas
  • Irregular or high astigmatism

What should you expect during your Scleral Contact Lens examination and fitting?

  • Corneal Topography – This is a map of the surface of your eye and provides detailed information on the shape and irregularities of the cornea.
  • Full ocular examination and possible dilation to assess if candidate for scleral contacts.
  • Scleral Lens Fitting – A trial lens will be placed on the eye and allowed to rest for 30 minutes and then re-evaluated for the correct fit.
  • You will return 1-2 weeks later for examination of the fit of your custom designed contact lens. It will be placed on the eye and allowed to rest for 30 minutes and an evaluation of your vision and the fit will be made after it has settled. If there are no further modifications apparent after this, you’ll be trained how to apply and remove your contact lens. You will also be trained on the care of your contact lens.
  • You will return in another 1-2 weeks to assess how your contact lens fits your eye after a full day of wear. Assessment of any final modifications to create the best lens for you will be made.
  • Depending on your condition, the contact lens will be assessed every 3-6 months to insure proper fit and comfort for your eye.

Heartland Eye Consultants is proud to offer this unique service for our patients. It is life changing for many patients with irregular corneal conditions. Please call today if you think you may be a candidate for Scleral Contact Lenses.

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