ADHD & Vision Stories

If a person has a visual problem affecting their ability to use their eyes together as a team, as in Convergence Insufficiency, they may show signs of inattention similar to that of ADHD. The complexity of getting the eyes to work together is too distracting for the individual to concentrate for any length of time during a near point activity like reading, classroom work or homework.

Ryder C.

They came back for more! It turns out vision therapy’s great results can run in the family! From reading to calf roping, this is a story to be told!

Will D.

Will D. Story

Mom says: “Vision Therapy has helped Will tremendously. He will now sit and read without me asking! His focus has improved and he is more…

Norah H.

Norah H. Story.

Norah Says: “Vision Therapy has helped me with several different things. The first is reading comprehension….Next is paying attention and focusing….Next is coordination which had…

Abbie A

abbie a. success story.

Mom says: “Abbie rarely squirms and fights when reading or doing school work. Her teachers have noticed a big difference in her attention span. She…

Reese C.

Reese's story

Reese’s Mom Says: This is a great program and highly recommend it. The Drs. & therapists were truly caring and couldn’t have done a better…

Ella G

ELLA G succss story-1

Mom says: “Ella was diagnosed with ADD and everyone just wanted to medicate her. We received a full diagnosis from Dr. Vicky and went straight…

Hayden M.

Hayden M

Mom:  “Hayden started wearing glasses in preschool and diagnosed with ADHD in first grade.  The testing with the ADHD clinic indicated Hayden’s verbal IQ was…

Sadie T.

Sadie T PS

Mom: “She was in Title 1 Reading/Math.  She appeared to have the symptoms of ADHD because she could not concentrate, sit still, focus, or complete anything…

Thomas K.


Mom: “For the past three years Thomas has struggled in school and would often complain of headaches. He had a hard time with reading comprehension…

Sam B.

Sam B PS

Mom: “Vision therapy has helped our son in so many unexpected ways. A year ago I would never have guessed what vision therapy could do…

Grace W.

Grace W

Mom: “Grace hated school in kindergarten. I have never heard of a child not loving kindergarten. Her teacher would tell me of angry outburst and fighting.”…

Steven M.

Steven M. PS

Mom had this to say: “I was very worried about Steven starting middle school, but because of VT I think this has been his best year…

Alex M.

Alex M PS

Mom: “Once Heartland ran the test and they were able to show me howe Alex struggled to read, ‘Mom Guilt’ kicked in and I started…

Christian S.

Christian S

Mom had this to say: “We found out that a lot of his ADHD symptoms are commonly misdiagnosed vision issues.” “Christian’s inability to focus and struggles…

Drew W.

Drew W

Mom had this to say: “He kept to himself at recess and hardly spoke to anyone. He rarely made eye contact when talking to someone or…

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