What To Expect

We have a step-by-step process to determine whether Vision Therapy is appropriate for you or your child. It takes two to four appointments with Dr. Will Ferguson or Dr. Nathan Jackson before a complete diagnosis can be made. If a problem is detected, the doctor prescribes vision therapy. Therapy is performed by the highly trained staff of Developmental Vision Associates, PC, under the doctor’s supervision.

Vision Therapy is individualized to fit the visual needs of each patient:

  • Helps patients develop or improve fundamental visual skills and abilities
  • Is designed to retrain the eyes and brain to work together and maximize visual potential
  • Improves visual comfort, ease, and efficiency
  • Changes how a patient processes or interprets visual information
  • Duration is typically 6-12 months

Vision Therapy is comprised of two critical components:

  • In-office: weekly therapy sessions of 45 minutes or bi-monthly therapy for 90 minutes
  • Daily homework: essential element of practice which integrates the new skills

Having Vision Problems?

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