Adult Patient Stories

Adults will figure out many ways to compensate for their visual problems so that they can continue with any strenuous visual work they need to do. Often, adults come home from work extremely tired when all they did was sit at a desk and do paperwork. Some people will feel as if they had just run a 10K race! Children, on the other hand, will tend to avoid tasks that are difficult or make them feel inadequate.

Ariel D.

Ariel Says: “What’s on the menu today!  Ariel can now tell you that seemingly useless bit of information; useless maybe. But, having to ask someone…

Cindy E.

Cindy E. Story.

Cindy Says “This has helped me with my job reading reports and being able to separate information. I no longer experience eye strain at the…

Kimberly D.

Kimberly D. story.

Kim says: “Now in November 2019, I can happily say that I have graduated form both vision and balance therapy and can see better at…

Lauren N.

Lauren N.

Lauren Says: “Throughout my therapy I noticed improvements in my peripheral vision while driving, I was able to better maintain my place while reading and…

Shanette S.

Shanette S. Story.

Shanette Says: “Vision therapy has helped to make my life more enjoyable.”

Maria A.

Maria A Story.

Maria Says: “I’m so glad that I did vision therapy and I know I will enjoy the results for a long, long time. It has…

Madeline S.

Madeline S. Success Story

Madeline Says: “After my 9-hour shifts working on a computer I feel no eye strain or any other eye-related symptoms. Vision therapy has truly transformed…

Peggy T.

Peggy T

Peggy says: “Words can’t express my gratitude to this highly specialized staff.”

SunHui S.

SunHui Success Story

SunHui says: “My love for reading is back in full force and I’m not having the symptoms I had previously.”

Leanne C.

Leanne Success Story

Leanne Says ” Don’t think that just because you are an adult you can’t be helped with vision therapy. I am proof that you can!”

Echo M

Echo's Story

Echo says: “I was able to see and feel improvement every week and I am so happy I decided to go through the therapy!”

Addy G.

Addy G

Addy Says: “I know that without the help of Dr. Will and Kari, my vision would not have had the chance to gain potential. So…

Rachel H.

Rachel H

Rachel says: “After several months of work, I feel that I am in the perfect position to be a good student and future physical therapist…

Anna W

Anna w

Anna says: “I have always been a good student, but in college I started to notice that I was having trouble keeping up with the…

Patrick R.

Patrick B

Patrick after having Double Vision all of his life had this to say:  “I am very grateful to the entire staff here at Heartland Eye…

Raya H.


Raya says: “After therapy my vision is mostly back to normal. I don’t get vision-related migraines anymore and I’m not as clumsy. I am a…

Colleen S.

Colleen S SS

“When I first began I couldn’t drive my car at all. I couldn’t read, I couldn’t do my hobbies; jewelry making, sewing and golfing. Vision…

Haliegh P.

Haleigh P SS

Haleigh: “Before therapy I didn’t like school. I struggled to study and focus. Now I am a happy child with an urge to want to…

Wanda N.

Wanda N SS1

“In the 5th grade, I remember getting “D’s” in reading/comprehension. Social Studies was a close 2nd. Any subject I had to read, the grades were…

Claire W

Claire W

Claire: “Before vision therapy I was tired constantly and took multiple naps throughout the day. I also had blurred and double vision at times. Now…

Maggie H.

Maggie H

Maggie:  “Prior to vision therapy I was having issues with double vision when I looked to the left.  I wasn’t able to read a book…

Amy M.

Amy M

Amy: “I was amazed to learn that being able to cross your eyes is an important ability to have. I’ve always had 20/20 vision and thought…

Anita B.

Anita B

Before Therapy: “I seldom drove or read. Writing checks took 3 rest breaks and resulted in dizzy headaches.” After Therapy: “Now I drive, read, sew and even mastered stair steps.…

Dawn S

Dawn S

Dawn: “I love my life and I am so grateful for the changes as a result of therapy! I only wish I could have done VT as…

Sarah G.

Sarah G S

Sarah before therapy:  “I had daily headaches that would start mid-morning and get worse as the day progressed.”  After therapy:  “Now that therapy is complete,…

Sue F.

Sue F S

Sue described some of her symptoms and problems prior to therapy:  “I frequently felt sick, as if a migraine were about to strike and I…

Larry B.

Larry B

Larry had this to say: “Because of my age I was reluctant to attempt to get all of my physical problems resolved.”  “The time that I spent…

Dan N.

Dan N S

Dan N. Dan explains: “My initial thought was this it was a scam.” “After our research we found out that Heartland Eye Consultants was the best…

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