Double Vision Stories

In order to see an object as one, the brain must align both eyes with utmost precision. Each eye must point directly at the object and maintain that alignment. The result of the inability to align the two eyes is double vision.

Colin K.

Colin K.

Faster and further focus for today’s vision and for his future thanks to his efforts in Vision Therapy! Much has improved in his daily functioning as well. He and his mother recount his journey in their stories below.

Chase H.

Patching only got him so far, but thankfully vision therapy completed the journey for him. Get ready because it seems this kid is ready to roll, literally, by getting his driving license. Of course, that won’t be for several years! Thanks also go to Dr. Jaimie Kruger for her referral!

Hadley S.

Hadley S.

Mom Says: “No wonder she had poor reading scores, she had to tilt her head just to try and see clearly! With the assistance of vision specialists and her efforts in vision therapy, Hadley has a wonderful story of success to share with you.”

Jonas S.

Jonas S. story.

Mom Says: “Eye therapy has resolved many of Jonas’s issues at school. His teacher told me he is a different person after he was in…

Allison C.

Allison C. story.

Mom Says: “Most importantly, Ally’s confidence in school and in general has sky rocketed.” Conveniently located in Omaha, Heartland Eye Consultants is a regional, specialty…

Anna J.

Mom Says: “After trying many other failed therapies, we were ecstatic that there was finally a diagnosis to her headaches and a way to fix…

Kimberly D.

Kimberly D. story.

Kim says: “Now in November 2019, I can happily say that I have graduated form both vision and balance therapy and can see better at…

Carter D.

Carter mom story.

Mom says: “Since Carter has started vision therapy he no longer complains of headaches and his attitude/behavior has gotten much better.”

Aaron B.

Mom Says: “There is still work to do in helping Aaron master some of the reading and writing skills that he missed early on, but…

Evan H.

Evan H. Story

Evan says: “Therapy has helped me most with reading. When I use to look down, the words would become foggy so I would look away.…

Ian K.

Ian K. Story

Dad Says: “Prior to therapy, [Ian] struggled with constant headaches, difficulty with handwriting, running into things and trouble focusing on objects.”

Maria A.

Maria A Story.

Maria Says: “I’m so glad that I did vision therapy and I know I will enjoy the results for a long, long time. It has…

Francesca F.

Francesca F. Story.

Mom Says: “Her eyes have been able to control double vision so well and she is not jumping rows while reading or making up words…

Jaxson C.

Jaxson story

Jaxson Says: “I no longer suffer from double vision and my daily headaches.”

Madeline S.

Madeline S. Success Story

Madeline Says: “After my 9-hour shifts working on a computer I feel no eye strain or any other eye-related symptoms. Vision therapy has truly transformed…

Jordan O.

Mom Says: “Jordan was having a lot of trouble comprehending what he was reading…His grades have improved and when a teacher assigns reading and answering…

Charlie B.

Charlie B. Story.

Mom Says: “Vision Therapy has helped Charlie in so many ways. What I thought was going to be just helping Charlie’s double vision turned into…

Leah H.

Leah H

Leah says: “After doing vision therapy I can read a lot faster and I have no double vision and words don’t move around on the…

Bryce O.

Mom says: “We began vision therapy in March and by September of the same year our son reports words no longer jump around, he no…

Carley S.

Carley S.

Carley Says: “Vision therapy has helped me achieve my goals of actually enjoying to read and have no headaches that used to come along with…

Sabrina G.

sabrina g

Sabrina Says: “Before I started vision therapy, I always had headaches or double vision; I would walk into walls, tabes and chairs….Now I don’t get…

Tommy K

Tommy K

Tommy Says “It has been two or three months of not having double vision. I can read. I don’t have headaches anymore or not as…

Chloe H.

Chloe says: “Vision therapy has helped me be better in math and reading, especially reading. It also helps me with focusing.”

Konner G.

Konner G Success Story

Konner says: “Vision Therapy helped by me not skipping lines, because I used to skip a lot of lines. It also helped me by having…

Leanne C.

Leanne Success Story

Leanne Says ” Don’t think that just because you are an adult you can’t be helped with vision therapy. I am proof that you can!”

Rylie H.

Rylie's Success Story

Rylie Says: I noticed, I started having no double vision and it was easier for me to read. Also, I can play my favorite sport…

Lauren F.

Laurens Success Story

Lauren’s Parents Say: “Laurens hard work paid off and she’s graduating early! We will always be so thankful for Dr. Will and Kari for helping…

Arshia R.

Arshia R

Arshia Says: “Now after I finished eye therapy my headaches have gone away and I can read for a very long time without my head…

Conner K

Conner's Testimonial

Mom Says: “I see his confidence grow and how I no longer need to help him at night with reading his homework is incredible!”

Clayton S.

Clayton's story

Clayton’s Mom Says: Dr. Bolin and Dr. Will did a great job of encouraging and pushing Clayton to continue to improve. We are very proud…

Hannah C

hannah's story

Hannah’s Mom: “We drive over an hour one way for each appointment and I can guarantee you, I would do it a 1000 more for…

Garrett D

Garrett D

Mom says: “Thank you to all of the amazing people at Heartland!!! You have made traveling the distance to Omaha so much easier by being…

Charlie D

Charlie D

Mom Says: “In less than six months, not only did Charlie stop experiencing daily vision headaches, but she also was able to say goodbye to…

Paiton H

Paiton H ss

Mom says: “Paiton has definitely come a long way. The words are no longer flying around on the page. She has been able to pass…

Elizabeth B

Mom Says: “Beth is much happier now and doing great in school as in all her sporting events.”

Dominick L

Dominick L Omaha NE

Mom says: “Now he has fallen in love with reading. Went from a student who struggled with grade and homework to school becoming much easier…

Ben M.

Ben M

Ben says: “For just about as long as I can remember I have had double vision…While reading, I would get headaches after as soon as…

Cooper M


Cooper says: “Before I started the program I would sometimes see double. Ate five months of therapy I very have double vision. I’ve stopped constantly…

Tyler P

Tyler P

Mom say: “Tyler had double vision and struggled with reading and handwriting. We were referred to Heartland eye for help. Through the therapy he was…

Brayden C

Brayden C

Mom says: “When Brayden first came to Dr. Will he was seeing double consistently, had difficulty tracking text and struggled a great deal with reading,…



Dad says: “Cooper’s double vision is no longer an issue and his focus and attention is much improved. He has noted that he loses his…

Patrick R.

Patrick B

Patrick after having Double Vision all of his life had this to say:  “I am very grateful to the entire staff here at Heartland Eye…

Ava F.

Ava F

Ava Says: “Now I am able to run steps, read and love sports. It was a lot of hard work, early Saturday mornings and I…

Griffin G

Griffin G

“He had very little interest in reading or being read to and did not really like school. One night he asked us ‘Why are there…

Colleen S.

Colleen S SS

“When I first began I couldn’t drive my car at all. I couldn’t read, I couldn’t do my hobbies; jewelry making, sewing and golfing. Vision…

Wanda N.

Wanda N SS1

“In the 5th grade, I remember getting “D’s” in reading/comprehension. Social Studies was a close 2nd. Any subject I had to read, the grades were…

Claire W

Claire W

Claire: “Before vision therapy I was tired constantly and took multiple naps throughout the day. I also had blurred and double vision at times. Now…

Michael W

Michael W

Mom: “His ability to not only read, but to keep his place, not repeat words, and not suffer from double vision are a result of…

Delaney B

Delaney B S

Delaney: My experience in vision therapy was very good. I was able to graduate in less than six months because I worked hard. Dr. Will…

John D.

John D

Mom: “John had a hard time reading, concentrating, and mastering spelling words. His eye would drift out causing him to have double vision.”  After Therapy: “He has…

Maggie H.

Maggie H

Maggie:  “Prior to vision therapy I was having issues with double vision when I looked to the left.  I wasn’t able to read a book…

Lauren J

Lauren J

Mom: “Sometimes I just break down and cry because my husband and I had no clue that my daughter had vision problems. She passed school…

Grace W.

Grace W

Mom: “Grace hated school in kindergarten. I have never heard of a child not loving kindergarten. Her teacher would tell me of angry outburst and fighting.”…

Porter B

Porter B

Mom : “Porter is once again reading on grade level, and his spelling and handwriting have improved. We have also seen improvements in areas we didn’t…

Kyleigh R.

Kyleigh R PS

Mom : “Before Vision Therapy in almost every picture her eyes wouldn’t be straight now they are always focused together. She isn’t seeing double and can…

Dillon C.

Dillon C

Dillon: “When I first began vision therapy I thought it was really sketchy and I did not have the best attitude.  It is very easy to…

Lauryn T.

Lauryn T

Mom had this to say: “Lauryn is a proud graduate.  She is no longer seeing double and she learned a valuable lesson on achieving goals through…

Taylor M.

Taylor M S

Taylor says: “My first thought was, well this stinks.  I was nervous too.  I realized as I started, that the harder I work, the faster it…

Riley A.

Riley A Letter

Mom: “We knew we had made a good decision to do therapy almost immediately, when our son’s headaches nearly disappeared with in the 1st week of doing therapy…

Larry B.

Larry B

Larry had this to say: “Because of my age I was reluctant to attempt to get all of my physical problems resolved.”  “The time that I spent…

Lauren W.

Lauren W

Lauren said: “There are some times in life when you feel like the world is against you, and nothing seems to go your way. After I had…

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