Exotropia Stories

Exotropia is a type of strabismus in which one eye points out while the other eye points straight ahead. This can be very obvious or very subtle. This condition may be intermittent (present sometimes but not at other times) or constantly present. This condition may be one-sided (unilateral) so the same eye always turns or it may be alternating where sometimes the right eye is turned out while the left eye is straight ahead and other times the left eye is turned out while the right eye is straight ahead.

Connor S.

Connor S

This family witnessed an amazing transformation! Connor’s mom tells his story below. Great work Connor!

Bentley D.

Bentley D.

An experience you will not forget is how Vision Therapy is described for our graduate Bentley.  Congratulations Bentley! A hearty thank you also goes to Dr. Laura Armitage for her referral to our office.

Cameron N.

Cameron N

Cameron’s mom is very happy with her decision and would recommend others to consider vision therapy for their child’s case as well.

Cole K.

Cole K. DVA edit

We’ve been busy here at Heartland Eye Consultants! Listen to hear why Cole and his mom recommend vision therapy with our team. Cole did an excellent job!

Stone W.

Stone S.

Less is more in Stone’s case. He and his family are celebrating his achievements through his work in Vision Therapy. Please join us as we celebrate Stone’s success by giving him a like or comment. Great job Stone!

Anna B.

These are a few of my favorite things! Anna has several to share with you from her very successful experience with Vision Therapy or as she calls it eye therapy. Congratulations Anna! We appreciate the referral from Dr. Rachel Smith.

Josephine S.

Josephine S.

Mom says: “Headaches and poor vision made playing softball and reading very difficult for Josephine. It took work, but she and her family are able to say the results were “better than expected”. They will share those details with you in the story below.”

Taylor R.

taylor r story.

Mom Says: “Taylor enjoyed her therapy sessions and improved a lot!! She now has better control of her eyes and has not had headaches for…

Rachelle A.

Mom says: “I have definitely noticed the difference….She has said her driving skills have improved and her reading comprehension skills and even her tennis game…

Austen K.

Austen K.

Austen Says “Vision therapy has helped me concentrate in school.” Conveniently located in Omaha, Heartland Eye Consultants is a regional, specialty eye and vision care…

Alexa K.

Alexa Story 1.

Alexa Says: “I started kicking the ball straight to the goal. I also don’t notice my eye drifting as much.”

Grace L.

Grace L. Success Story 2

Mom Says: “She doesn’t get as many headaches, and she completes homework faster. Importantly, vision therapy has improved her self-confidence. She is no longer worried…

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