Reading & Learning Stories

When a person is suffering from a Learning Related Vision Disorder they may experience many different symptoms when reading. Some of them include: skipping lines of print, re-reading lines of print, skipping small words when reading, missing the beginning or ending of a word, poor reading comprehension, failing to recognize the same word from one sentence to the next, poor retention of spelling words, recall of facts is better when a story is read to them (auditory recall is better than visual recall), and reversals of small words like “no” for “on.”

Salem S.

Salem S.

What is your favorite therapy game?  Please share with us and join us as we celebrate the efforts Salem achieved through vision therapy.  Can you…

Bodyn C.

Bodyn C.

Mom Says: “Now he can see the “popups” in the books he reads.  His depth perception and more have been improved with his success in…

Colin K.

Colin K.

Faster and further focus for today’s vision and for his future thanks to his efforts in Vision Therapy! Much has improved in his daily functioning as well. He and his mother recount his journey in their stories below.

Brooklyn M.

CATCH Brooklyn! She can tell you more in her story.

Ryder C.

They came back for more! It turns out vision therapy’s great results can run in the family! From reading to calf roping, this is a story to be told!

Kenli U.

Do you feel like you have done EVERYTHING and still your child is struggling in school; Kenli’s mom did. Allow her to inspire and encourage you in her story of Kenli’s successful journey with vision therapy. Congratulations to you all for a job well done!

Asher C.

Asher C

Mom says : “Through Asher’s Commitment, he now rarely looses his place when reading and is reading on grade-level. His new teacher eve mentioned his handwriting strength. Spelling is still something that is challenging for him, but he has developed some strategies to help him continue to grow in this area.

Callum P.

Callum P. Success Story

Mateo D.

Mateo D. Reading/Learning Problems Success Story

Violet V.

Violet V. Success Story

Aiden T.

Aiden T

What’s eye therapy and does it work? Aiden and his family are celebrating his success in his school work and in his daily quality of life. They have a short little story to tell of his huge accomplishments with eye therapy. We appreciate Dr. Carole Linn for sending us the referral.

Aiden T.

aiden T

What’s eye therapy and does it work? Aiden and his family are celebrating his success in his school work and in his daily quality of life.

Cassie W.

Cassie W.

Mom Says : “Happy New Year! That is how this family describes their daughter’s success through her efforts in vision therapy.”

Grace H.

Grace H. story.

Grace Says: “I liked vision therapy because I got to play fun games with Kari. I can read better and kick a soccer ball better…

Drew I.

Drew I Story.

Drew Says: “I’m proud of the hard work I put into vision therapy and all the crazy things I can do with my eyes, like…

Maddisyn K.

Maddisyn K. story.

Mom Says: “Before Maddison started therapy she was struggling with reading and taking naps almost daily at 6 years old. Since then her ready and…

Jonas S.

Jonas S. story.

Mom Says: “Eye therapy has resolved many of Jonas’s issues at school. His teacher told me he is a different person after he was in…

Taye S.

Mom Says: “While therapy can be time consuming and intimidating, it was worth every bit of it. As we wrap up this chapter in our…

Jonas J.

Jonas J. story.

Mom Says: “At the end of his program, Jonas stated his baseball season. During the very first practice and after months of time off from…

Anna C.

anna c.

Anna Says: “I hope that any kid who is struggling with visual integration knows that they are not alone and there is a place where…

Kennedy R.

kennedy story

Kennedy Says: “I use to be the one of the last people to finish a test. Now my test and homework take a shorter amount…

Allison C.

Allison C. story.

Mom Says: “Most importantly, Ally’s confidence in school and in general has sky rocketed.” Conveniently located in Omaha, Heartland Eye Consultants is a regional, specialty…

Cooper U.

Cooper U. Story.

Cooper Says: “I read all the dog man books. I love to read now. My bike riding is getting better, all thanks to therapy.” Conveniently…

Reagan W.

Reagan W. Story

Mom Says: “Reagan also has an easier time with reading and math comprehension. Something we didn’t realize was related to her vision.” Conveniently located in…

Anna J.

Mom Says: “After trying many other failed therapies, we were ecstatic that there was finally a diagnosis to her headaches and a way to fix…

Zane W.

zane story.

Zane Says: “Vision therapy has helped me in many ways. It has helped my focus skills, my spelling, my math and my self-esteem.” Conveniently located…

Aiden L.

Aiden L.

Aiden Says: “Vision therapy helped me by making reading much easier and less frustrating.” Conveniently located in Omaha, Heartland Eye Consultants is a regional, specialty…

Jack S.

Mom Says: “Jack is now able to participate in class and is getting work done in a more timely manner. His teachers say he shows…

Ophelia T.

Ophelia T.

Mom Says: “All the hard work has definitely paid off. We are extremely thankful for all the dedicated staff, their encouragement, guidance and the fact…

Stella L.

Mom Says: “We have truly seen a substantial improvement with Stella at school since we started vision therapy. Her reading in particular has gone from…

Zander R.

Mom Says: “Zander had struggled with fidgeting at school which distracted his peers. He would easily fatigue after reading two pages in a book and…

Norah W.

Mom Says: “As we prepare for graduation we know this process taught our daughter persistence, perseverance and goal-setting. This milestone means a lot to us…

Jack C.

jack c.

Mom Says: “Other parts of his life have improved as well – his cursive writing, his headaches, his hockey game – just to name some.…

Kyle W.

Kyle Says: “I’ve finished Vision Therapy now and I don’t get car sick anymore. I copy my writing faster.” Conveniently located in Omaha, Heartland Eye…

Luke W.

Mom Says: “Vision therapy has given Luke so many tools to help him succeed. Despite all the hours of therapy and therapy homework, I would…

Emma M.

Emma M. story.

Emma Says: “Vision Therapy has helped me so much! My eyes and my brain are finally connecting.”

Katelin B.

Katelin B. story.

Mom says: “Katie went from struggling to read to reading above her grade level. She even reads for fun. She had issues with understanding what…

Carson K.

Carson K. Success Story.

Carson Says: “Therapy is very helpful for children. It helped me be a better reader, problem solver, stay focused, better handwriting and also helped me…

Josie E.

Josie E. Story.

Josie Says: “When was younger my parents always told me to put my eyes back to normal. Now I can feel and see where they…

Ellie F.

Ellie F. Mom story.

Ellie Says: “After I started vision therapy I began to get less and less headaches. I was also able to read for longer periods of…

Aiden S.

Aiden S.

Mom Says: “Aiden continued to improve and passed 3rd grade which we were not sure was going to happen at the beginning of the school…

Mallory W.

Mom Says: “In January when we started therapy, Mally had headaches ever night, red eyes after reading, and a short fuse after doing homework or…

Carson D.

Carson D.

Carson says: “Vision Therapy has helped me a lot. I can read faster. Words focus better on the board and on my paper. School is…

Aaron B.

Mom Says: “There is still work to do in helping Aaron master some of the reading and writing skills that he missed early on, but…

Andrew R.

Andrew R. Mom Story.

Mom Says: “When we began VT at Heartland, Andrew could barely read at 9 years old. His spelling was years behind and he reversed letters…

Cailyn L.

cailyns story

Cailyn Says: “My second success is being able to read fast and it helps me in school so much. It is so cool and it…

Barrett J.

Barrett J. Parent Story.

Mom Says: “Vision Therapy has significantly helped Barrett in his learning and athletic development. ”

Evan H.

Evan H. Story

Evan says: “Therapy has helped me most with reading. When I use to look down, the words would become foggy so I would look away.…

Norah H.

Norah H. Story.

Norah Says: “Vision Therapy has helped me with several different things. The first is reading comprehension….Next is paying attention and focusing….Next is coordination which had…

Noah W.

Noah W. Story.

Mom Says: “We are so thankful to Dr. Will for working so hard for Noah. Vision therapy has helped make Noah into the student I…

Andrew R.

Andrew R Story.

Andrew Says: “Taking notes from the board at school was hard because my eyes were tired and I had trouble keeping up. During vision therapy…

Olivia O.

Olivia O.

Mom Says: “The headaches ended pretty quickly and about halfway through therapy Olivia told me “I don’t have double vision anymore”. We met EVERY SINGLE…

Abbie A

abbie a. success story.

Mom says: “Abbie rarely squirms and fights when reading or doing school work. Her teachers have noticed a big difference in her attention span. She…

Maria A.

Maria A Story.

Maria Says: “I’m so glad that I did vision therapy and I know I will enjoy the results for a long, long time. It has…

Alexa K.

Alexa Story 1.

Alexa Says: “I started kicking the ball straight to the goal. I also don’t notice my eye drifting as much.”

Jaxson C.

Jaxson story

Jaxson Says: “I no longer suffer from double vision and my daily headaches.”

Keegan M.

Keegan M. Story.

Mom Says: “Keegan is our second child to go through vision therapy and I would tell ay parent that it is more than worth it.”

Madeline S.

Madeline S. Success Story

Madeline Says: “After my 9-hour shifts working on a computer I feel no eye strain or any other eye-related symptoms. Vision therapy has truly transformed…

Jordan O.

Mom Says: “Jordan was having a lot of trouble comprehending what he was reading…His grades have improved and when a teacher assigns reading and answering…

Megan C.

Megan C Story.

Mom Says: “Homework no longer frustrates her like it used to. Testing as school is easier. Dr. Bolin is kind and thorough. Kari is an…

Cade M.

Cade M.

Mom Says: “I love to see my son pick up a book to read or challenge himself to read as many signs as he can…

Peggy T.

Peggy T

Peggy says: “Words can’t express my gratitude to this highly specialized staff.”

Peyton B.

Peyton B

Mom says: ” He will sit and read for over 20 minutes at a time without rubbing his eyes or tearing up in frustration. Therapy…

Taylor H.

Taylor H

Taylor says: “After completing vision therapy I developed more efficient eye movements and control over my eyes.”

Leah H.

Leah H

Leah says: “After doing vision therapy I can read a lot faster and I have no double vision and words don’t move around on the…

Bryce O.

Mom says: “We began vision therapy in March and by September of the same year our son reports words no longer jump around, he no…

Carley S.

Carley S.

Carley Says: “Vision therapy has helped me achieve my goals of actually enjoying to read and have no headaches that used to come along with…

Addison W.

Addison W

Mom says: “She overall has more confidence at school. It was a lot of work but went fast and had fast results. In addition, the…

Lilly E.

LIlly E

Lilly Says: “Therapy has improved my life. School is more fun because I can read better and faster.”

Sabrina G.

sabrina g

Sabrina Says: “Before I started vision therapy, I always had headaches or double vision; I would walk into walls, tabes and chairs….Now I don’t get…

Adara W.

Adara W

Mom says: “We are so thankful for the opportunity for Adara to work with Dr. Will and Kelsey. It was worth every weekly drive to…

Tommy K

Tommy K

Tommy Says “It has been two or three months of not having double vision. I can read. I don’t have headaches anymore or not as…

Austin K.

Mom says: “After a few months of therapy, his teachers started to tell us about improvements they were seeing in school. He was reading more…

Sanika N.

Mom Says: “We are thrilled with the progress Sanika made during the therapy to improve her vision. We are so very thankful to Dr. Mark…

Lilly A.

Lilly Says: “Vision therapy has helped me a lot. Now I get a much higher grade on my reading tests, my math tests and spelling…

Megan S.

Megan S. Mom Story.

Mom Says: “One year later, Megan is now reading at 2nd grade level. In one school year we went form no reading to 2nd grade…

Jacey F.

Jacey F

Mom Says: “Jacey started wearing contacts at age 7 and began vision therapy at age 9. She has learned to ride her bike, can now…

Chloe H.

Chloe says: “Vision therapy has helped me be better in math and reading, especially reading. It also helps me with focusing.”

Lucy S.

Lucy says: “My reading is better and so is my math I don’t get headaches anymore, and I only get carsick on occasion. And I…

Konner G.

Konner G Success Story

Konner says: “Vision Therapy helped by me not skipping lines, because I used to skip a lot of lines. It also helped me by having…

Leanne C.

Leanne Success Story

Leanne Says ” Don’t think that just because you are an adult you can’t be helped with vision therapy. I am proof that you can!”

Addison B.

Addison B Success Story

Addison Says: “With Reading, I have noticed myself not re-reading or skipping lines. Not doing those things also help me understand reading”

Ava Y.

Ava Y.

Ava Says: “Vision therapy helped me a lot. It helped me with grades and math.”

Rylie H.

Rylie's Success Story

Rylie Says: I noticed, I started having no double vision and it was easier for me to read. Also, I can play my favorite sport…

Lauren F.

Laurens Success Story

Lauren’s Parents Say: “Laurens hard work paid off and she’s graduating early! We will always be so thankful for Dr. Will and Kari for helping…

Levi C.

Levis success story

Levi’s Parents Say: ” We are so grateful for the work of Dr.Will and Dr. Bolin with Levi. The program was a lot of hard…

Emily S.

Emilys parents success story

Emily’s Mom says: “I am proud of Emily and all that she has accomplished. I see great things in Emily’s future.”

Peyton F.

Peyton Says:”My left eye is stronger now, which makes it easier to see, play my games, and learn to read. It also as helped me…

Nora T.

Nora Success Story

Nora Says:”Reading was hard before I started therapy. I used to lose my place and get distracted. Now I love to read and I don’t…

Mason E.

Mason Says: Vision Therapy has helped me play baseball. I am not tired anymore after school. I am having success hitting the baseball and reading…

Cash R.

Cash Says: “Now I don’t have to go to a tutor anymore. I also am getting better at reading. And I don’t need as much…

Arshia R.

Arshia R

Arshia Says: “Now after I finished eye therapy my headaches have gone away and I can read for a very long time without my head…

Reese C.

Reese's story

Reese’s Mom Says: This is a great program and highly recommend it. The Drs. & therapists were truly caring and couldn’t have done a better…

Isaiah C.

Isaiah’s Mom says: “Isaiah started eye therapy shortly after football began and within a few weeks we could already see a change. We are very…

Emily G.

Emily’s Mom Says: Since therapy her side vision has improved. Her reading and comprehension has also improved from where we started. She can do her…

Conner K

Conner's Testimonial

Mom Says: “I see his confidence grow and how I no longer need to help him at night with reading his homework is incredible!”

Nathan S

Nathan's Story

Nathan says “Vision Therapy has helped me in many ways. School easier now. I don’t lose my place when I read. I can also take…

Archer B.

Archers Mom's story

Archer’s Mom Says: “My son has gone from complaining he could not see the board at school after 3 months of just having gotten glasses…

Clayton S.

Clayton's story

Clayton’s Mom Says: Dr. Bolin and Dr. Will did a great job of encouraging and pushing Clayton to continue to improve. We are very proud…

Hannah C

hannah's story

Hannah’s Mom: “We drive over an hour one way for each appointment and I can guarantee you, I would do it a 1000 more for…