Strabismus Stories

Strabismus is a general term describing the deviation of one eye relative to the other such that they do not point in the same direction. This is usually cosmetically seen as an eye that turns in, out, up, or down compared to the other eye. This condition is serious because it will cause either double vision (diplopia) or suppression of the deviating eye (eye is ignored by the brain so that double vision is not apparent). Neither of these conditions is desirable.

Doctors of Optometry – The Role of School Vision Screenings

Optometry Test kid

Kay Duncan, RN, a Lincoln Public Schools nurse, discusses the role of vision screenings in identifying potential vision problems.

Doctors of Optometry – Why Children Need More Than 20/20 Vision in Order to Learn

Eye Test Kid

Dr. Vicky Vandervort, an optometrist specializing in developmental vision for children, discusses how learning requires more than 20/20 visual acuity.

Doctors of Optometry – “Seeing to Win: The Impact Your Vision Has on Sports”


Dr. Will Ferguson discusses with Dr. Bateman how vision skills and eye safety can be enhanced for all kinds of sports.

Doctors of Optometry – “Your Eyes: A Window to Your Overall Health”

Doctors of Optometry – “Your Eyes: A Window to Your Overall Health

A discussion about the role that eyecare plays in overall health care and patient wellness.

Doctors of Optometry – Managing the Risks of Nearsightedness

Doctors of Optometry – Managing the Risks of Nearsightedness

A discussion about the increasing prevalence of myopia in today’s society and the implications for patients.

Doctors of Optometry – Learning and Seeing in the Classroom

Doctors of Optometry – Learning and Seeing in the Classroom

Earlier this month, Dr. Nielsen helped oversee an important project to ensure that Nebraska students have proper eyecare in order to learn in the classroom.

Connor S.

Connor S

This family witnessed an amazing transformation! Connor’s mom tells his story below. Great work Connor!

Doctors of Optometry – Eating for Your Eyes

Doctors of Optometry – Eating for Your Eyes

On this episode, Dr. Bateman discusses the importance of diet and eye health with Amber Pankonin, RD, a registered dietitian and personal chef.

Doctors of Optometry – A Gateway for Health Care

Doctors of Optometry – A Gateway for Health Care

A discussion about trends in eyecare and vision care today that are important to consumers, patients and families.

Kasper R.

Kasper R.

He felt stupid! Arguments, refusals, and private tutoring made little progress. All that is in the past.  Congratulations Kasper on your success through Vision Therapy! We appreciate your referral Dr. Phuong!

Visual Development in Infancy

Visual Development in Infancy

Big thanks to Dr. Ben Winters for sharing this video about visual development in infants.

Bentley D.

Bentley D.

An experience you will not forget is how Vision Therapy is described for our graduate Bentley.  Congratulations Bentley! A hearty thank you also goes to Dr. Laura Armitage for her referral to our office.

Grace D.

Grace D.

Worth the cost in time and money? That is a good question for you to know the answer.

Vanessa T.

Adults can also benefit from Vision therapy. It gave Vanessa back the ability to read “normally”!

Kate M.

Kate M

By the end of therapy, Kate had cut her testing times by more than half, her headaches were gone, and so were her progressive lens glasses!

Brayden H.

Brayden H.

Nervous and fearful at the start, but by the end thankful and no regrets.  Congratulations Brayden!

Maddie F.

Maddie F

Maddie is a now a goal setter and achiever!  Thank you Dr. Ronhovde for your referral.  Dramatic results have been found for her in so many areas.  She and her dad have great things to share in her story below.

James S.

James S. edit

He got his Scleral Contact Lenses! Have you been told you can never wear contact lenses? James found out that is not always true, and he has a great story to tell you about his journey into scleral contact lenses.

Cameron N.

Cameron N

Cameron’s mom is very happy with her decision and would recommend others to consider vision therapy for their child’s case as well.

Elsa A.

Elsa A. certificate

Was she lying about seeing double and struggling to read? No, she wasn’t and through vision therapy she gained the tools to go from struggling to amazing success!

Fernando M.

Fernando M. hand

What a great attitude! Mom and Fernando have noticed how absolutely wonderful the results from vison therapy have been.

Cole K.

Cole K. DVA edit

We’ve been busy here at Heartland Eye Consultants! Listen to hear why Cole and his mom recommend vision therapy with our team. Cole did an excellent job!

Teddy R.

Theodore R. DVA edit

What do you need? Teddy found what he needed, and it fit him perfectly. His mother is ready to share his inside story with you!

Graham R.

graham r.

How are you at carving? Graham and his family are experts at carving out time to meet this goal. The goal was success through vision therapy! Thanks also goes to Dr. Klemke for the excellent referral!

James P.

James P.

How exactly are you supposed to see? James and his family have an answer to that question thanks to the referral from Dr. Kelly Robertson and their efforts as we guided them through vision therapy. His story is thrilling! Can you relate?

Stone W.

Stone S.

Less is more in Stone’s case. He and his family are celebrating his achievements through his work in Vision Therapy. Please join us as we celebrate Stone’s success by giving him a like or comment. Great job Stone!

Post-Concussion Light Sensitivity

The AOA has produced a nice clinical summary of the reason behind photophobia (light sensitivity) post concussion.

March is Brain Injury Awareness Month

On behalf of the Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation Association we would like to raise awareness for brain injuries.

Salem S.

Salem S.

What is your favorite therapy game?  Please share with us and join us as we celebrate the efforts Salem achieved through vision therapy.  Can you…

Bodyn C.

Bodyn C.

Mom Says: “Now he can see the “popups” in the books he reads.  His depth perception and more have been improved with his success in…

Colin K.

Colin K.

Faster and further focus for today’s vision and for his future thanks to his efforts in Vision Therapy! Much has improved in his daily functioning as well. He and his mother recount his journey in their stories below.

Avery R.

All done! No more headaches and improvement in Math scores! Thank you Dr. Wendi Langel for encouraging Avery to come see us. Thanks also to her brother Zander for being a great example for the success of vision therapy.

Anna B.

These are a few of my favorite things! Anna has several to share with you from her very successful experience with Vision Therapy or as she calls it eye therapy. Congratulations Anna! We appreciate the referral from Dr. Rachel Smith.

Brooklyn M.

CATCH Brooklyn! She can tell you more in her story.

131 Vision Friendly, Age-appropriate Toys

christmas toys 2020.

Dr. Kelly Knueppel has been gracious enough to share with us a plethora of great ideas for gifts this holiday season.  Please follow the link…

Ryder C.

They came back for more! It turns out vision therapy’s great results can run in the family! From reading to calf roping, this is a story to be told!

Kenli U.

Do you feel like you have done EVERYTHING and still your child is struggling in school; Kenli’s mom did. Allow her to inspire and encourage you in her story of Kenli’s successful journey with vision therapy. Congratulations to you all for a job well done!

Asher C.

Asher C

Mom says : “Through Asher’s Commitment, he now rarely looses his place when reading and is reading on grade-level. His new teacher eve mentioned his handwriting strength. Spelling is still something that is challenging for him, but he has developed some strategies to help him continue to grow in this area.

Chase H.

Patching only got him so far, but thankfully vision therapy completed the journey for him. Get ready because it seems this kid is ready to roll, literally, by getting his driving license. Of course, that won’t be for several years! Thanks also go to Dr. Jaimie Kruger for her referral!

Chase N.

Chase N.

Success Story from Heartland Eye Consultants for Scleral Lenses

Gloria M.

Gloria M.

Success Story from Heartland Eye Consultants for Scleral Lenses

Callum P.

Callum P. Success Story

Mateo D.

Mateo D. Reading/Learning Problems Success Story

Violet V.

Violet V. Success Story

Aiden T.

Aiden T

What’s eye therapy and does it work? Aiden and his family are celebrating his success in his school work and in his daily quality of life. They have a short little story to tell of his huge accomplishments with eye therapy. We appreciate Dr. Carole Linn for sending us the referral.

Aiden T.

aiden T

What’s eye therapy and does it work? Aiden and his family are celebrating his success in his school work and in his daily quality of life.

Lynn M.

Lynn M.

Lynn M. Success Story for Scleral Lenses

Hadley S.

Hadley S.

Mom Says: “No wonder she had poor reading scores, she had to tilt her head just to try and see clearly! With the assistance of vision specialists and her efforts in vision therapy, Hadley has a wonderful story of success to share with you.”

Josephine S.

Josephine S.

Mom says: “Headaches and poor vision made playing softball and reading very difficult for Josephine. It took work, but she and her family are able to say the results were “better than expected”. They will share those details with you in the story below.”

Cassie W.

Cassie W.

Mom Says : “Happy New Year! That is how this family describes their daughter’s success through her efforts in vision therapy.”

Taylor R.

taylor r story.

Mom Says: “Taylor enjoyed her therapy sessions and improved a lot!! She now has better control of her eyes and has not had headaches for…

Grace H.

Grace H. story.

Grace Says: “I liked vision therapy because I got to play fun games with Kari. I can read better and kick a soccer ball better…

Drew I.

Drew I Story.

Drew Says: “I’m proud of the hard work I put into vision therapy and all the crazy things I can do with my eyes, like…

Maddisyn K.

Maddisyn K. story.

Mom Says: “Before Maddison started therapy she was struggling with reading and taking naps almost daily at 6 years old. Since then her ready and…

Jonas S.

Jonas S. story.

Mom Says: “Eye therapy has resolved many of Jonas’s issues at school. His teacher told me he is a different person after he was in…

Taye S.

Mom Says: “While therapy can be time consuming and intimidating, it was worth every bit of it. As we wrap up this chapter in our…

Jonas J.

Jonas J. story.

Mom Says: “At the end of his program, Jonas stated his baseball season. During the very first practice and after months of time off from…

Anna C.

anna c.

Anna Says: “I hope that any kid who is struggling with visual integration knows that they are not alone and there is a place where…

Kennedy R.

kennedy story

Kennedy Says: “I use to be the one of the last people to finish a test. Now my test and homework take a shorter amount…

Allison C.

Allison C. story.

Mom Says: “Most importantly, Ally’s confidence in school and in general has sky rocketed.” Conveniently located in Omaha, Heartland Eye Consultants is a regional, specialty…

Cooper U.

Cooper U. Story.

Cooper Says: “I read all the dog man books. I love to read now. My bike riding is getting better, all thanks to therapy.” Conveniently…

Reagan W.

Reagan W. Story

Mom Says: “Reagan also has an easier time with reading and math comprehension. Something we didn’t realize was related to her vision.” Conveniently located in…

Anna J.

Mom Says: “After trying many other failed therapies, we were ecstatic that there was finally a diagnosis to her headaches and a way to fix…

Cammy R.

Cammy R. Story.

Mom Says; “Her words can be seen and understood in the sequence written… she makes sense of the words and remembers and comprehends.” Conveniently located…

Sarah K.

sarah k.

Sarah Says: “I am so thankful for the gifts eye therapy has given me! After nearly 4 decades of thinking I saw like everyone else,…

Zane W.

zane story.

Zane Says: “Vision therapy has helped me in many ways. It has helped my focus skills, my spelling, my math and my self-esteem.” Conveniently located…

Jaxson S.

Jaxson S.

Mom Says: “Jaxson has become more aware of his own body in his surroundings. He also notices more details about people he is interacting with.”…

Elly S.

Ellie Says: “I am done and I am very glad I did this because now I can read and don’t struggle trying to do so.”…

Aiden L.

Aiden L.

Aiden Says: “Vision therapy helped me by making reading much easier and less frustrating.” Conveniently located in Omaha, Heartland Eye Consultants is a regional, specialty…

Rachelle A.

Mom says: “I have definitely noticed the difference….She has said her driving skills have improved and her reading comprehension skills and even her tennis game…

Joshua B.

Mom Says: “Yuck middle school!  Joshua doesn’t feel like that anymore.  In fact he now enjoys this wonderful time in his life.  Joshua and his…

Ariel D.

Ariel Says: “What’s on the menu today!  Ariel can now tell you that seemingly useless bit of information; useless maybe. But, having to ask someone…

Gabe L.

Gabe L.

Gabe Says: “Since I have been going to therapy I have realized a change in school work performance.” Conveniently located in Omaha, Heartland Eye Consultants…

Jack S.

Mom Says: “Jack is now able to participate in class and is getting work done in a more timely manner. His teachers say he shows…

Cindy E.

Cindy E. Story.

Cindy Says “This has helped me with my job reading reports and being able to separate information. I no longer experience eye strain at the…

Ophelia T.

Ophelia T.

Mom Says: “All the hard work has definitely paid off. We are extremely thankful for all the dedicated staff, their encouragement, guidance and the fact…

Stella L.

Mom Says: “We have truly seen a substantial improvement with Stella at school since we started vision therapy. Her reading in particular has gone from…

Clive W.

Clive W. Story.

Clive Says: “Vision therapy has helped me in many ways….In hockey I’ve scored 8 goals and I enjoy reading again!!!!!!!” Conveniently located in Omaha, Heartland…

Zander R.

Mom Says: “Zander had struggled with fidgeting at school which distracted his peers. He would easily fatigue after reading two pages in a book and…

Norah W.

Mom Says: “As we prepare for graduation we know this process taught our daughter persistence, perseverance and goal-setting. This milestone means a lot to us…

Austen K.

Austen K.

Austen Says “Vision therapy has helped me concentrate in school.” Conveniently located in Omaha, Heartland Eye Consultants is a regional, specialty eye and vision care…

Jack C.

jack c.

Mom Says: “Other parts of his life have improved as well – his cursive writing, his headaches, his hockey game – just to name some.…

Aiden M.

Aiden M.

Aiden Says: “I’ve noticed that I have a lot better side vision. I also have noticed that I have better depth perception. I can catch…

SaraJo T.

SaraJo Says: “Before I did vision therapy I was a slow reader, I had trouble taking notes off the board in class and I was…

Kyle W.

Kyle Says: “I’ve finished Vision Therapy now and I don’t get car sick anymore. I copy my writing faster.” Conveniently located in Omaha, Heartland Eye…

Kimberly D.

Kimberly D. story.

Kim says: “Now in November 2019, I can happily say that I have graduated form both vision and balance therapy and can see better at…

Luke W.

Mom Says: “Vision therapy has given Luke so many tools to help him succeed. Despite all the hours of therapy and therapy homework, I would…

Congratulations to the Docs at Heartland!

hands clapping in congratulations.

Nebraska Optometric Association Honors Heartland Eye Consultants Doctors for Serving Our Profession At the recent Nebraska Optometric Association Fall Convention in Kearney, Dr. Will Ferguson,…

Will D.

Will D. Story

Mom says: “Vision Therapy has helped Will tremendously. He will now sit and read without me asking! His focus has improved and he is more…

Emma M.

Emma M. story.

Emma Says: “Vision Therapy has helped me so much! My eyes and my brain are finally connecting.”

Carter D.

Carter mom story.

Mom says: “Since Carter has started vision therapy he no longer complains of headaches and his attitude/behavior has gotten much better.”

Katelin B.

Katelin B. story.

Mom says: “Katie went from struggling to read to reading above her grade level. She even reads for fun. She had issues with understanding what…

Carson K.

Carson K. Success Story.

Carson Says: “Therapy is very helpful for children. It helped me be a better reader, problem solver, stay focused, better handwriting and also helped me…

Josie E.

Josie E. Story.

Josie Says: “When was younger my parents always told me to put my eyes back to normal. Now I can feel and see where they…

Ellie F.

Ellie F. Mom story.

Ellie Says: “After I started vision therapy I began to get less and less headaches. I was also able to read for longer periods of…

Aiden S.

Aiden S.

Mom Says: “Aiden continued to improve and passed 3rd grade which we were not sure was going to happen at the beginning of the school…

A Potential Breakthrough in Concussion Diagnosis

Small plant growing on concrete wall.

Not all mild traumatic brain injuries (mTBIs) are concussions, but all concussions are mTBIs.  This statement is made with confidence.  The ability to diagnose a…

Mallory W.

Mom Says: “In January when we started therapy, Mally had headaches ever night, red eyes after reading, and a short fuse after doing homework or…

Lauren N.

Lauren N.

Lauren Says: “Throughout my therapy I noticed improvements in my peripheral vision while driving, I was able to better maintain my place while reading and…

Carson D.

Carson D.

Carson says: “Vision Therapy has helped me a lot. I can read faster. Words focus better on the board and on my paper. School is…

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