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Many people are unfamiliar with what vision therapy is and wonder if it is a ‘new fad.’  The reality is, vision therapy has been an effective clinical treatment administered by optometrists for over 50 years. The problem was that 50 years ago science knew ‘the truth’ about the visual system – it wasn’t changeable after age 7! That ‘truth’ persisted for many years despite brain changes being made in the visual system in optometric practices all over the country.

Thanks to advances in neuroscience, brain imaging, and public awareness that “truth” is changing.  Case in point, the link below will take you to an article that appeared in WebMD magazine.  The medical community is beginning to realize that   article that appeared in a WebMD magazine that is in the waiting rooms of many physicians right now. We send this so that you may be aware of it if your parents ask you about it.

Here’s the final paragraph that will tug at your heart:

“It’s about much more than reading.  These kids take a huge hit in their self-esteem.  It changes the way a child views himself,” says Dr. Barry Tannen.  “You can do vision therapy and correct the problem when you’re 20, but you can’t go back to third grade.  The successes or failures you had when you were that young – they stay with you.”

It’s a quick read.  Open it now! Click Here.

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