A Potential Breakthrough in Concussion Diagnosis

Small plant growing on concrete wall.

Small plant growing on concrete wall.

Not all mild traumatic brain injuries (mTBIs) are concussions, but all concussions are mTBIs.  This statement is made with confidence.  The ability to diagnose a concussion can leave practitioners with less confidence.  This is because current technology doesn’t allow doctors to see the micro-damage (stretching and sheering) of brain tissue involved.  Often things such as symptoms, questionnaires, and sideline testing are used.  These tools are diagnostic and certainly very helpful, but progress in science is finding a new potential way to diagnose a concussion based on brain activity.

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Quite possibly the best take-away from the article is the patient’s words “Mr Welis-Stosser says the simple acknowledgement of what he is going through is real and not “all in his head” is crucial.”  This is what we all want for our patients – greater ability to provide treatment, healing, and support for the physical, vestibular, visual, and psychological to those impacted by a mTBI.

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