Think about your eyes childrens vision in nebraska Think about your eyes is a great campaign designed to improve the awareness of how important vision is for developing children. Some scientists estimate up to 70% of the brain is either directly related to processing visual information, or 100% associates with visual areas of the brain. Most of the time vision works well and we take for granted the complex decisions our brain makes. The overwhelming majority of these decisions are based on incoming visual information. Here’s an interesting thought experiment: imagine wearing a blindfold the entire day you are awake. What would change for you?

Obviously restricting your vision completely would devastate you. But what if you just had constant blurry vision all day? What if your eyes had to work so hard to keep single vision that you got a headache by the end of the day? What if you spent so much energy trying to what was on your computer you had to go back and re-read the information several times to comprehend it? These are some other ways you could imagine your vision being limited but not eliminated. It would surely have a negative impact on your performance and outlook on the day.

Hopefully this blog will help raise the awareness that some kids’ vision does limit their potential and they don’t know any different because that’s the only way they have ever seen. A jumbled, scrambled, non-coherent world that is very hard to understand. If you suspect a child has this issue, or even if you don’t suspect it, please have their visual system evaluated.

Read More on the Think About Your Eyes Website Here.

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