The American Optometric Association provides a great summary of how vision really works day to day in the classroom – click here to read more. It may be working to your advantage, or may be working against you.

To begin to understand the gravity of the last sentence it is important to think about what the human visual system is designed to do for you the individual.  I could go on and on for pages trying to answer that question, however, Optometrist Dave Cook presents a great view of the reality of how vision works in the following book:

David Cook 20/20 vision book

It is a great read for parents, educators, doctors, or anyone seeking to understand how vision is used to create perception.  Perception is an active process that happens not to you, or in you, but is achieved by you.  And reading his book will surely help you answer the question of how could vision work “for you” or “against you” in the classroom.  Since he has said it so elegantly in this book I’ll invite you to check out his book.  We have copies at our office as well so if you’re interested give us a call!

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