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Vision Therapy Continues to Change Lives!

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Our patients come to us from all over Nebraska and even from Iowa because vision therapy works. Our patients come to us because they are experiencing signs and symptoms of what could be a visual problem or disorder and in some cases have a diagnosed medical condition. The most important recipe for success is commitment and hard work. Changing the pathways of the brain takes time. A common phrase we use in the therapy room is “perfect practice makes perfect.”

Learning Related Vision Disorders can manifest in problems such as skipping lines of print, poor reading comprehension, poor spelling and poor retention and more. Patients might have double vision, persistent headaches, poor self image due to a lack of visual tools needed to success, or misdiagnosed ADHD. Many people come to us because they or someone in their family are experiencing some of these symptoms.

Clinically our patients come to us with these conditions:

  • Convergence Insufficiency – In which the eyes cannot sustain focus on a near target.
  • Amblyopia – When a brain doesn’t develop 20/20 vision due to and uncorrected issue in one or both eyes.
  • Strabismus – When the eyes don’t point in the same direction causing double vision or vision supression.
  • Esotropia – A type of strabismus which on eye points toward the nose.
  • Exotropia – A type of strbismus which one eye points outwards.

Hearing about how vision therapy changes people’s lives is what keeps us going here at Heartland Eye Consultants. Vision therapy is a big commitment but is worth it in the end. You can find some of our patient’s success stories on our website or to hear similar success stories from other practices click here.

Written by Dr. Holly Ternus

Dr. Holly Ternus is originally from Torrington, Wyoming, and graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with a degree in biological sciences. She graduated with Honors from The New England College of Optometry and completed internships with Honors at South Boston Community Health Center with an emphasis in glaucoma and narrow-angle glaucoma, Togus Veterans Affairs Medical Center with an emphasis in ocular disease, Lifetime Eyecare in Houston fitting specialty contact lenses, and Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio.

Dr. Ternus practiced with ophthalmology in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, specializing in ocular disease, dry eye disease, and emergency care. She then transitioned into primary care, fitting specialty contacts for keratoconus, post-RK, corneal ectasia, and irregular corneas.

Dr. Ternus is an active member of the Nebraska Optometric Association, American Optometry Association, and American Academy of Optometry. She received her fellowship with the American Academy of Optometry in 2018 and is a graduate of the Nebraska Optometric Association’s Leadership Institute. She also received her fellowship in the Scleral Lens Education Society and is the first in Nebraska to have completed this honor.

Outside of work, Dr. Ternus enjoys spending time with her husband and 2 children, snowboarding, skiing, water sports, watching Husker football, and everything that involves being outdoors.

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Vision Therapy

Vision therapy is an effective, non-surgical, doctor-supervised treatment that retrains the brain and eyes to work together more efficiently. Rather than compensate for vision problems, vision therapy aims to treat and correct the visual system itself.

Discover how we can help you or your child overcome vision problems such as strabismus and amblyopia, and build a greater sense of confidence. Take our vision therapy quiz today!

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Success Stories

Success Stories


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Scleral Lens Success Story


Rowan U.

Headache Success Story

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